Admit Card for UG 3rd and 5th Semester Examinations 2020 (December) by the students can be downloaded till 1st July 2021 upto 10 p.m. from this portal, otherwise students can get from the respective Colleges after the COVID situation is subsided.

The examinations will be OPEN BOOK SYSTEM to be appeared with the comfort of students' own homes at their respective homes. A Candidate needs to download Questions for the papers he/she is appearing in, and then submit the answers in PDF format as instructed within the stipulated time. The detailed instruction follows:

Question download

  1. Download all the question papers from by clicking the "DOWNLOAD QUESTIONS" button and following subsequent instructions.
  2. Questions of UG 5th semester will be available at from 9 am of 28th June 2021 onwards.
  3. Questions of UG 3rd semester will be available at from 9 am of 2nd July 2021 onwards.


  1. Read the questions paper carefully and thoroughly
  2. Write your answers to the questions on A-4 sized white paper (Typing is not allowed) using black pen only at your home or wherever you are at your convenient time.
  3. There will be no proctoring of the examination, since it is an open book system examination

Preparation for submission of answers

  1. There should be a cover page on which you write your particulars as given below:
  2. Answer pages should be numbered in the fashion- X of Y. It means, you should write 2 of 5 on the 2nd page if your answer pages are 5. Here, X stands for the specific page number and Y stands for total number of pages.
  3. Then with a scanner (you can use scanner-third party software of your mobile phone, scan the pages starting from the cover page followed by your answer pages and prepare a pdf file. There should be only one pdf file for a particular paper. A pdf file for each page is not allowed.
  4. Name the pdf file according to paper (e.g., if Paper is Physics and paper is 305, then file name should be PHY-305) and save in your system.
  5. Size of each file should not be more than 1 mb.

Uploading answers

  1. Go to, and click “Upload Answer” button and follow the instructions to upload your saved answer pdf files.
  2. Care should be taken to ensure that you upload correctly.
  3. If you uploaded the wrong set of answers, you can submit the correct version with a request application on the cover of the answer scripts to replace the earlier submitted wrong answers with the newly submitted version. This is a one time opportunity, and a candidate can’t request it twice.

Mode of submission of answer

  1. In the earlier notification, candidates were to submit the answers offline to respective colleges in anticipation that covid pandemic would be under the control and curfew will be lifted or online only for candidates residing very far from colleges.
  2. However, as covid pandemic is still alarming, and there is no surety that the curfew imposed here will be lifted, students will face a lot of problems coming to colleges for submission of answer scripts.
  3. So, the earlier notification is partially changed, and all the candidates must submit the answers in online mode only. Offline submission is not allowed.

Deadline for uploading answers

  • For UG 5th semester examination
    1. Students appearing 2 (two) papers should upload the two papers by the 10 pm of 29th June 2021.
    2. Students appearing 3 (three) papers should upload the three papers by the 10 pm of 30th June 2021.
    3. Students appearing 4 (four) papers should upload the three papers by the 10 pm of 1st July 2021.
  • For UG 3rd semester examination
    1. Regular students appearing 4 (four) papers must upload all the answers by 10 pm of 5th July, 2021.
    2. Regular students appearing 5 (five) papers must upload all the answers by 10 pm of 6th July, 2021.
    3. Students with a backlog must upload the answers by 10 pm on the first, second, third or fourth day of availability of questions if he/she has one, two, three or four back papers respectively.

The portal will be closed automatically at the end of deadline. As these examinations are conducted as one time opportunity given to the students under the prevailing situation of corona related pandemic, any attempt to submit answers after the automatic closure of answer submission link will not be entertained at any level. So, make it sure that your answers are uploaded by the specified time.

Helpline numbers

If any candidate faces difficulties during downloading questions and uploading answers, you should contact the following helpline numbers instantly for proper advice, suggestions and resolutions.

Any complaint afterwards without contacting helpline numbers will not be entertained.

Helpline numbers :

  9366 800 986, 8787 341 648 - 10 a.m. to 1.00 p.m.

  7085 951 474, 7005 509 618 - 1.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.

  7005 152 428, 6909 795 308 - 5.00 p.m. to 9.00 p.m.